How to Face Your Fears Head-On

Cam Billings
3 min readOct 7, 2022
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We all have fears.

Every single one of us.

It’s normal… Fears are a part of being human.

Some fears are well-justified. While other fears are head-scratching.

Today’s blog will provide a counterintuitive strategy for facing your fears.

This strategy is best suited for fears that get triggered in spontaneous situations. These are situations such as talking to new people, getting crammed into small spaces, and encountering an animal or insect.

Let’s dive in.

What is fear?

Fear is a survival mechanism. It keeps us alive by acting as a warning siren.

This siren goes off when we are about to do or think about something our brain perceives as dangerous.

Having this survival mechanism has benefits. It’s nice to be warned about potential dangers.

But this survival mechanism also has significant drawbacks.

For instance, sometimes your brain causes you to fear things you have no logical reason to be afraid of.

Your brain can catastrophize about what could go wrong. But 99% of the time, these things never happen.

Being controlled by irrational fears is not a healthy way to live.

Your fears will destroy you.

So, you must face them. And you need to overcome them.

If you don’t face them, you’ll regret it.

How to face your fears

To overcome your fears, many blog articles recommend creating an “action plan.”This isn’t helpful sometimes.

Creating an action plan will make you think about your fears more than you need to. This overthinking will make the fear seem scarier than it actually is.

If you want to overcome your fears, you need to think about them LESS.

Once you decide to face your fear, the next step is to face your fear as soon as possible.

Waste no time thinking, planning, or strategizing about how to face it.

Just do it.



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