Music: This Underrated Tool Boosts Your Work Output

Cam Billings
3 min readOct 3, 2022
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Music is powerful.

It’s something nearly everyone listens to or has listened to before. Most people know the lyrics to at least one song.

Or they associate a song with a particular day, event, or memory. For example, many people associate the song, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with Christmas time. People know the theme song to their favorite TV show or movie.

Music is everywhere.

Many businesses will have music playing in the background while you’re shopping or doing business. Music is literally built into your car. Radio, aux cord, and Bluetooth were all built into your car to allow you to listen to music on the go.

And let’s not forget about your smartphones and other electronic devices. There are tons of apps and websites you currently use or can use to listen to music.

Music is a universal form of entertainment. Everyone uses it to some extent.

Yet, music is an underrated tool for productivity.

How can music be used for productivity?

Music helps you focus. Or it can hype you up to motivate you to do your work. Sometimes we need a kick to get going… It’s the same reason why many people drink coffee in the morning.

Music can push you to work a little harder. It helps you grind out your work when it needs to be done, but you don’t want to do it.

But it can also be a calming influence helping you reach the coveted flow state.

Music relaxes you, especially if it’s soft, slower music. It relieves your anxiety. Everything around you melts away. Your thoughts and fears about the work begin to disappear. The distractions flooding your mind drain away while your brain focuses on the music and the work you’re doing.

Once you reach the flow state, work begins to feel easy. And you’ll get more done while exerting less effort.

If you struggle with getting into the flow state, music may just be the tool you need to finally get into the flow state consistently.

The gurus hate this strategy…



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