Walking: The Key to Exploring Life

Cam Billings
3 min readOct 10, 2022
Photo by Polina Skaia on Unsplash

Walking is an incredible tool for self-improvement. It’s become one of my favorite tools. I’ve gained more benefits from it than meditation, breathwork, and even journaling.

You may find walking to be immensely beneficial, just as I have. Or you may find it to be mediocre. Everyone is different.

Regardless, give walking a chance. Try it out for a few weeks before making a judgment call. It may change your life.

I know because walking has changed my life. It’s reconnected me to nature. And it’s helped me gain mental clarity.

Today, let’s talk about how walking can provide these 2 benefits for you, too.

Explore nature

Humans were built to live in the wild. Every single species on Earth was built to live this way. But as our ancestors learned to harness fire, create stone tools, build shelter, etc., they began to take control over the wild.

Humans domesticated the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. What our ancestors have done has created cushy, comfortable lives for us… And I’m not complaining. It’s incredible how we get to live inside homes and have amenities such as clean drinking water, smartphones, etc.

I wouldn’t give up these comfortable amenities to go live in the wild. And I won’t ask you to, either. It’s an unrealistic ask, especially if I’m unwilling to do it myself.

But, we need to reconnect with nature.

We’ve diverted from our innate nature. The most nature exposure people get nowadays is the distance they travel from their front door to the car in their driveway. Most people are inside 24/7.

This isn’t good.

Nature exposure has many mental health benefits, which will be discussed in the next section.

We need to explore nature for our mental health.

So, go out and explore your local nature preserve. Walk on the hiking trails. Breathe in the crisp, clean air. Maybe even climb a tree or two. And have fun!

Let your curiosity take you off-trail (if legally allowed).

Exploring keeps life fresh.

Explore your mind



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